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Mar 24, 2013 7:00am PDT
common sense gun laws. you can be both. that's what we need right now. i, as a career prosecutor, have personally seen cases of police officers and innocent babies being killed by assault weapons. there is no reasonable basis for having those in our streets. i applaud senator klein. >> seeing the same sorts of urgeance we see in places like maryland and moving forward on gun control. the legislative politics on this are very different. the structure of the senate, two senators per state magnifying the influence of small, rural space and that makes gun control very difficult to get to 60 votes. all these ideas that you mention certainly background checks are national majority propositions in polling. it is a very different politics at the presidential level, not cost free for republicans to block all this in terms of how it positions the party for 2014, especially in some of these swing states. >> the democrats in red states. >> that's the thing, in red states it's a problem congressionally. at the national level, there is a presidential level majority for this in 2016. >> i've go
Mar 24, 2013 10:00am PDT
court, mrs. windsor, miss perry, be allowed to have equal protection under the laws as any americans when it comes to their ability to join themselves with their loving partners in marriage and raise their children. and 61% of californians are in favor of same sex marriage. >> yet the last time they voted they voted against it. so it gets kind of complicated here. because you have, you know, voters saying we don't want that because of the way california actually sets things up generally. >> well, 61% of californians are in favor of same sex marriage. and i believe, again, because it gets back down to a very simple notion of fundamental rights. fundamental concepts of justice. fundamental concepts of liberty. i will tell you, candy, we have 50,000 children in california right now who are asking why can't my parents be married too? >> let me let you get the last word in here about this. where do you see this debate going? >> i see the debate continuing well beyond this supreme court decision. the supreme court is no more going to decide the question of marriage than it decided the ques
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2